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The guides most helpful to us are cycling guides for Europe or specific countries.

This last category is a good beginning point for your trip, although you have to use them with some caution.

That’s changing, with the release of Jack Daniel’s ...

Understanding maps - even non-topographic maps - is not a universal skill or pleasure.

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These come flavors - guides to budget travel for all of Europe and specific countries, focusing on attractions in major cities, lodging and food; or more general travel guides for a country or a region in that country.All other things being equal, I usually try to travel right around the summer solstice for maximum daylight hours.Generally, Europeans take their vacations in July August - specifically August. Some countries and regions have known rainy seasons, while some countries England, Ireland are known for grey skies and rain just about anytime at all.If there are several brands available, look at each of them to determine which has the most detail, is the clearest to read, or that is printed in the colors you like best.This map singlespeed trier be used for general itinerary planning and fixing locations mentioned in guidebooks.

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