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Nannie was one of five children; she had one brother and three sisters.Both Nannie and her mother hated James, who was a strict, often controlling father and husband with a nasty streak.The bodies of doss' husbands, relatives, and children were exhumed and tested.It was found that Doss' two infant children, four of her husbands, two of her sisters, her mother, and a nephew had all been killed by arsenic poisoning.A few months later, in January 1953, her mother died while Nanny nursed the woman for a broken hip.Two of her sisters died the same year, in different towns; each collapsed while Nanny was visiting, each with the same mysterious symptoms of stomach cramps and convulsions.She served ten years before succumbing to leukemia in 1965.Throughout her various confessions and the years in jail, Nanny insisted that money played no significant role in her crimes.

Their reunion evidently smoothed things over, and by 1945, Florine now married -- felt secure enough to leave her infant son at Nanny's home in Jacksonville, Alabama, while Florine took off to see her father.Doss claimed it had been an accidental poisoning but evidently Frazer was not convinced. The doctor in the case was not as gullible as the previous ones were evidently and didn't simply take Doss at her word.He ordered an autopsy be done, which revealed massive doses of arsenic in the man's system.The early 1950s were a lethal time for Nanny's relatives.Her third husband, Arlie Lanning, died at Lexington, North Carolina, in 1952.

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