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Ish.) So faced with the choice between running off with Lasher or letting him stay there and kill Michael, Rowan persuades Lasher to leave and thus saves Michael’s life.

Only to leave him floating face down in their swimming pool to have a heart attack, then to go into a long depression because he thinks she chose Lasher over him.

And while Michael seems appropriately upset about this in the end he gives in again (in loneliness?

Because he figures WTF, it’s normal for this family and I’ve been there anyway?

Furthermore, the Talamasca, who has been watching the family for about 300 years is doing some really weird stuff.

Like killing people who know about Lasher’s existence and “specialness”. Like maybe trying to help Lasher make his mate and take over the world. Lasher has a child-like intelligence, despite being able to learn almost instantly, he can’t reason his way out of a temper tantrum most times.

If he had just raped her…Mona is blisteringly intelligent, and probably could have been the one to defy the whole mind-controlling-pheromones thing…if she wasn’t completely and totally at the mercy of everyone because she’s a 13 year old girl.So religion made him safe, happy and whole, but it also tore him apart and killed him.If, somehow, this undertone had been…more composed and less rambly (it is so random that it’s like Rice herself would forget what story she was writing) it would have been a very interesting book.Lasher is about clearing up any misconceptions readers might have had about the first book and also incestuous underage sex.On one hand it’s points of view come from Michael, Rowan Mayfair’s husband (Rowan is the current head witch and is missing in this book); Mona, the next most inbred witch in the family, a 13-year-old girl who loves sex and frilly little girl dresses and hair bows; Julien, the only powerful male witch to come from the family, who by the way has been dead for almost 100 years; and occasionally Rowan and her daughter (by Lasher who is her and Michael’s mutant son).

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