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Theresa May has criticised peers for voting to restrict media freedom, saying the plans would “undermine high-quality journalism and a free press”.Ministers have pledged to overturn amendments passed in the Lords on Wednesday...An ally of Jeremy Corbyn has quit Labour’s frontbench after speaking out beyond his brief to propose doubling council tax for high-value homes.Chris Williamson, 61, the MP for Derby North, is a staunch left-wing party figure...Footage of a cheetah running at full tilt with its claws extended for maximum grip is among the ground-breaking material captured for the latest BBC wildlife documentary.The shots recorded for Big Cats were unthinkable a few years ago because of...

REPs are held to encourage undergraduates undertaking quantitative subjects outside of NERC remit to consider careers in environmental science.

During a REP, an undergraduate joins the hosting organisation for between 8 and 10 weeks to complete a short-term research project within the environmental sciences.

Funding for a number of REPs is made available to each NERC DTP and CDT annually.

The Research Experience Placement (REP) scheme aims to address this shortage by offering funding to support summer placements for undergraduate students studying quantitative disciplines outside NERC remit, during which they will undertake research within the environmental sciences.

These placements are intended to encourage these students to consider a career in environmental science.

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