Katy mixon dating

She is the graduate student of Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Katy Mixon comedies series is “Mike & Molly” which is broadcasted from CBS TV.

Katy Mixon was born in a large family member with seven siblings.

Katy Mixon is currently appearing in the “Mike & Molly” from 2010 as Victoria Flynn where she is equally popular.

Katy Mixon has already reached the age of 34 from 2015.

Katy Mixon Facebook, Katy Mixon twitter as well as Katy Mixon Instagram can be found updated and addressing her fans.

Katy Mixon has got large number of followers in all of the sites including 19.8 thousand followers in Katy Mixon twitter alone.

Katy Mixon bikini images are hot, sexy and mostly view by her fans in internet.

Katy Mixon has made herself available and active in the social media sites as well.

She started her career from 2001 year when she got the chance to perform in “Julius Caesar”.

Katy Mixon acting was appreciated by many people at that time.

Katy Mixon height is 5 feet 7 inch tall and has the Katy Mixon weight of 61 kg.

She has got the hot bod, sexy legs and beautiful face. Katy Mixon Bra size of 36 is perfectly fitted to her boobs.

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